Early Access

What Does This Mean?

You can get access to collections we are considering for launch at amazing prices. We value your feedback and actively encourage you to test our products so we ensure only the best reaches our customers.

Who Can Access It?

EVERYONE! We encourage inclusion and anyone can get involved. Additionally, you can become an Ava Sports Ambassador, get access to bigger discounts, get gifted, be involved in Instagram Collaborations and get a share of orders made using your links.

How Long will it Last?

Every Collection we consider will be in limited stock before we move it to Final Release. That means there will be short periods to get your kit so the faster you act the better!


For Our Newest Collections in Alpha shipping will take longer than 1-3 week shipping but this is what allows us to offer these products at such amazing prices. We will keep you updated throughout the process so sit back relax, your kit will be with you soon.

For Collections in Beta and anything else you can expect our normal shipping times and next day delivery!

Can I Return these Items?

Sure you can, we want to know if you think these products are awesome or not, your feedback is invaluable to us as a business and we don't want to sell active wear that doesn't live up to our standards!