Self Improvement, Why bother?

Self Improvement, Why bother?

Do you have any goals to improve an aspect of your life? Are you someone who enjoys the process of personal growth? Do you constantly seek to become a better version of yourself?

If the answer is yes, then great but if not, it's okay, hopefully, you're about to see the benefits.

Like many others, I grew up unsure of what I wanted to do in life much less what I wanted to achieve, upon reflection about the meaning of life and what I wanted to do with mine, I realized that no matter what outrageous goals I set myself, I had. to fall in love with the process to see it through. The true joy of achieving a goal comes from the reflection of the hard work that made it possible.

One great thing about self-improvement is that there is never an end to the journey of self-improvement. It may sound like an endless marathon but in reality, it means no matter what age you are it's never too late to embark on your personal journey.

In fact, the more I grow, the more I realize there is so much out there I don’t know, so much that I have to learn.

There's always room for improvement

Continuous growth is key here. It's important to reward yourself when you achieve goals like going for a run but its equally important not to rest on your laurels and. commit to that next run even when you're not feeling up to it. 

It can be difficult to accept that growth is not always attached to tangible results. We can't quantify our progress in feeling happier in the same way that we can pass an exam or measure weight loss, but by turning to a lifestyle focused on improving yourself you will notice that you become more focused on things that will uplift you rather than things which bring you down.

Focus on the thing you can do, not what you can't